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Grégory Delhomelle

Grégory leads CGI Canada’s Life insurance consulting practice in Toronto, including its partnerships with core-system platform providers and insurtechs.  Known as an innovative technology leader with deep experience in the insurance industry, he is a creative problem-solver and has managed the successful deployment of insurance solutions in complex environments throughout North America and Europe. 

Grégory also heads CGI’s Global Insurance Council, a group of insurance experts across the world whose goal is to share best practices with each other as they join their clients in their journey to digital transformation and innovation.

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April 1, 2021 Is the future of insurance in the past? The earliest known instance of insurance dates back to ca. 2250 BC, when the Babylonians developed a type of loan insurance for maritime businesses. On receipt of a loan to fund his shipment, a merchant would typically pay a lender an additional premium in ...