The BRP-CGI Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center sets CGI apart from our competitors. The co-creation of this collaborative partnership with BRP yields capacity management oversight and succession planning, training and procedural documentation based on BRP processes and systems and above all, CGI resources who are ready to go - on time and with the right knowledge.  

The challenge

Lack of visibility on prospective project resourcing needs, in addition to the subsequent potential delay in resource availability, were causing unnecessary inefficiencies in service. Without a structured alignment between stakeholders, resources in high demand were often faced with overload while up-and-coming resources were underloaded. The solution was to duplicate resource knowledge in high-demand areas, ensuring that BRPs needs could be met on an ongoing basis across multiple business verticals.

How CGI helped

As one of the largest IT and business consulting firms in the world, CGI partnered with BRP to implement the innovative BRP-CGI Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center (MKAC). Recognizing the imbalance between resources and by identifying applicable and in demand areas of knowledge, the MKAC optimizes the BRP knowledge pool at CGI. By providing training focused on BRP systems and processes, in preparation for future assignments, and by employing our capacity and succession management tools, CGI met succession needs with streamlined agility. This foundational concept of the MKAC allows for scalability and adoption across various business sectors and systems.

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BRP system & process focused training subjects across 4 business verticals


distinct areas of knowledge

SAP is a system delivered worldwide with 80% of the system prepared and available for use. The remaining 20% is customized to the client based on their business rules. MKAC mentors remove the gap of individual exploration from the project timeline by providing training on BRP specific processes and procedures. This allows our resources (mentees) to gain BRP knowledge rapidly and in advance of the project start date, with a support structure in place.

MKAC allows us to have a 360 view of all of our resources and their abilities so that we can effectively and efficiently plan ahead leading to benefits for both BRP and CGI.

Vishnu Kasaraneni, SAP FI/CO Mentor; strategic team lead

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Collaboratively creating client partnerships by investing in the future together

By implementing the BRP MKAC, CGI has provided structured, client focused training and documentation, optimized delivery management, absorbed mentee training costs, and streamlined capacity management for future BRP needs. CGI’s highly skilled resources in high-demand or niche areas of knowledge on the BRP site, provide mentorship to resources who are seeking to diversify their knowledge in preparation for project allocation. BRP MKAC mentors develop distinct training sessions to ensure that all applicable areas of knowledge are accounted for, often participating in the client relationship from a strategic perspective. The result is an ever-growing pool of quality resources, optimized to suit BRP’s needs – within BRP’s systems. The BRP MKAC provides visibility on mentee skills, via the use of the CGI tool GRECO’nline. This up-and-coming skills management tool is a value add – future resources are assessed on their skills related to BRP systems and processes following their training, ensuring they are prepared with the right knowledge.

Partnering with CGI to create a Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center ensures agility and speed-of-deployment of resources through succession and capacity management – all while providing transparent, reliable service with consistent results.

Value delivered

Structure, transparency and considerable support are all part of the approach to the transfer of BRP knowledge. While it is understood that any CGI resource will have the appropriate skills to be successful, training through the MKAC ensures that resources are familiar with BRP business rules, processes and systems – for their first day on the client site. 

CGIs approach to monitoring KPIs provides full transparency of training subject matter and frequency; budget monitoring and resource skills development assessments. Well prepared for risk mitigation, by employing collaborative capacity management and succession planning tools, the MKAC monitors resource availabilities on a regular basis and offers strategic alternatives when needed.

Value delivered

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