The Government of New Brunswick was embarking on a major digital transformation initiative (Digital New Brunswick) that had significant public and political visibility. It was very important for the client to portray a vision that was dynamic, easily understood and created citizen trust. CGI was asked to create a public-facing strategy statement that met this requirement.

CGI’s solution

CGI worked directly with senior management representatives, including the province’s Chief Information Officer. CGI created a cybersecurity strategy statement that directly supported the client’s digital vision for the future in concise terms that could be understood by all stakeholders. It described how the Province’s vision would be achieved through a balanced security approach, while still allowing for innovation, growth and the use of important emerging technologies to benefit government, industry and the public, now and in the future.


This project successfully created a basis upon which the client was able to express their cybersecurity strategy to citizens, the business community and government, in direct support of their Digital New Brunswick vision. CGI successfully completed this project on-time and on-budget, achieving a perfect 10/10 Client Satisfaction Assessment score.


CGI and cybersecurity

Working with complex commercial and government organizations across the globe gives CGI an understanding of cybersecurity from all angles: technology, business and legal. We have invested heavily in establishing our credentials, working closely with international security associations and standards bodies.

Our global experience helps us and our clients predict and defend against new attacks, and our front-line capabilities reflect this knowledge. While cyber threats are global, we know that requirements vary locally and challenges are unique to each organization.

Our cybersecurity team has global reach and proven expertise, employing 1,700 security professionals, 3 security test and certification labs in the USA, Canada and the UK, as well as 8 Security Operations Centres worldwide.