In 2021, CGI won an RFP from a Western Canadian health organization to develop a roadmap to move on-site server data and analytics to the cloud. The work included a needs assessment, guidance selecting appropriate technology and help designing the architecture for the new deployment. The organization also called on our expertise to further their data governance strategy and advise on change management within their organization.

Technology supplier independence

The past 2+ years spent living with the coronavirus have placed enormous pressure on healthcare systems across the country. Healthcare providers were forced to look to new online and web-based solutions to help with care delivery and improve the patient experience. Now, as we transition to the new post-Covid normal, the knowledge gained during the pandemic has encouraged our client to continue investing in the digital transformation and restructuring that will benefit patients and healthcare providers in the years to come.

CGI’s expertise and track record with this organization positioned us to take on a lead consulting role, advising on how to move their portal data and functionality to the cloud. When we came on board, the organization did not have a centralized enterprise data platform. They needed an effective cloud-based solution to collect, process and store data across their system. They also lacked the data migration expertise and the tools to reconfigure their IT architecture.

The client’s team also wanted to take a ‘fresh’ approach, carefully looking at their options before committing to a particular cloud technology. Our agnostic relationship with technology providers meant that the client’s team could review offerings from a number of major suppliers. Our independence in this regard was an important consideration in the organization’s choice of consultant and allowed them to carefully assess which one of the technology suites delivered the most effective solution.

Value through our tools, templates and expertise

Using the tools and templates developed over the past years working in cloud environments for data platforms, we helped our client’s team prioritize the business areas and use cases to select. We also provided an evaluation of the scope and effectiveness of their existing information infrastructure.

At the conclusion of the project, we had delivered an implementation strategy, a roadmap for building out their analytics platform, and an evaluation of the changes the organization would have to make internally to support the transition. We also helped the client’s team clarify their digital transformation goals with a clear set of objectives that have been mapped out and that will set the foundation for ongoing strategic growth and development of their portal.

Not only did our business accelerators help speed up the move to enterprise analytics, but our ability to call on best-of-class expertise from within our company meant that the creation of an effective development strategy was done quickly and efficiently without wasting time or valuable resources. The process helped ensure tangible results and a solid return on investment.

The organization’s team now has an implementation plan and an effective strategy for the cloud migration that they can start tomorrow. The value driven partnership lets the organization’s team know exactly what they have to do, the resources they need and the costs of the project to ensure the long-term success of their portal.