Learn about the preparation required for a job interview.

When? Where? How? Find all the essential tips you might need to rock it!

Webinar - Successful video interview do's & don'ts

An interview is an opportunity... Take it. Discover tips to be successful and avoid common mistakes. Heard about likability factors? 


Webinar - Understanding recruiter's expectations

Do you have your favorite interview questions? Our recruiters certainly do! Make sure you have the right intel before interviewing with us.

Webinar - Networking

Why is networking the way to go and when is the right moment to network? How does one become a great networker? Let’s chat! 

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Webinar - Grow with CGI

Did you know we call CGI employees members? Join us to know why. There is always room to grow and get the support you need to fulfill your career goals at CGI.

Webinar - Your Career Path with CGI

CGI’s success rests on its great experts who make technology work. Join this webinar to know more about our job families and the opportunities we offer.