Digitization is no longer a luxury. It is the only way for your company to stay ahead of the curve and earn your clients’ trust. Whether you’re looking to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, modernize existing client-facing applications, or launch a new mobile app that will disrupt your market, you can count on CGI’s Agile Squads to bring your project to reality.  Here is how you get higher value from Agile Squads contracts for your software development projects.

Predict and control costs

Pay for a team, not for individuals. Enjoy greater flexibility in managing your workload without adding up costs.  

Accelerate performance

With CGI’s high retention culture and Agile expertise, benefit from more stability and better collaboration and time management.

Strategize digitization

Benefit from end-to-end management of software development projects, starting with strategy.                                                         

drive your business digitization

Just before the pandemic, Gartner revealed that only 55% of all product launches took place on schedule. Timelines are key when it comes to software development, because of their significant impact on the project’s success.

At CGI, we have come to realize that the overall goal of organizations relying on external consultants is to achieve business objectives, meaning the real value of staffing capacity lies in the delivered product itself, not the talent provided.


Open the Spec sheet

By bringing CGI to your strategy discussions, our senior consultants and architects can help you formalize, prioritize, and execute product development with better results. Discuss your needs with CGI’s team to create your ideal Agile Squad for one or more projects.

Furthermore, you can count on CGI’s fully autonomous and flexible teams composed of developers and QA analysts, led by product owners and scrum masters, and rated on velocity and delivery quality. Finally, Agile guidelines are at the center of our work.

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Whether your Agile approach is Kanban or Scrum, CGI will adapt to your preference. Our members have developed expertise in all Agile frameworks to better serve customers. And beyond product development, CGI is proud to have supported dozens of large-scale enterprise transformations as the first Global Transformation Partner in the world for SAFe.

In Canada, we deliver your onshore Agile Squads from coast to coast with a growing team mobilizing hundreds of our 11,000+ members. Moreover, we tap into our global delivery centers across the world to leverage CGI expertise from our 88,500+ members.  

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