A world leader in the renewable energy sector, EDPR designs, develops, builds and runs wind power plants. EDPR became the third largest wind energy company in the world after acquiring Horizon Wind Energy. Horizon is the second largest wind energy company in the US. The takeover naturally meant a rise in challenges – strategic, tactical and operational.

What EDP needed
They wanted to be Top3 world player. EDPR understood very early the benefits of having a single view of all portfolio. And the business control they would have from being independent from turbine vendors. This created a need for a solution that would integrate processes in real time across different countries. And that would evolve in accordance to market uncertainties and EDPR’s business strategy.

The challenge
EDPR needed a single, easy-to-use system that could scale up at short notice. Across different geographical locations and different manufacturers and models of wind turbines. This made the process more complex. Because we had to create a solution that would be effective despite the differences in turbine characteristics.

Our answer
EDPR now can compare actual turbine performance with what is stated in vendor contracts and benchmark assets behaviour. Thus ensuring the right returns on investment. They can improve margins by accessing more information for negotiating and enabling liabilities management.

A success story
Now, RMS is integral to the management of hundreds of EDPR wind farms across Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, USA and Brazil. The business sees it as key to support expansion plans and continuous efficiency improvement.

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