Founded in 1923, Finnair is one of the longest-operating and safest airlines in the world. The airline’s geographical location in Helsinki enables it to offer the fastest and most direct connections to the growing Asian markets. Today, Finnair has an extensive network that connects 19 cities in Asia and 7 cities in North America, with more than 100 destinations in Europe.

Finnair’s strategic direction is guided by its vision of providing a unique Nordic experience to customers. To achieve this vision, the company is focused on four objectives:

  1. Growth: Accelerate market growth, including the sale of ancillary products
  2. Customer experience: Enhance the end-to-end customer experience
  3. People experience: Focus on resourcing, leadership, and employee learning and development
  4. Transformation: Build assets to support growing business needs, including core capabilities (data, innovation, user centric thinking), digital people experience and continued IT transformation

To achieve these objectives, Finnair is investing in digitalization to drive new services and products, employee productivity tools, and business opportunities with partners and other companies across its ecosystem. In 2016, Finnair chose CGI as one of its strategic partners in pursuing its transformation agenda.

"CGI’s skilled and committed team has been essential for achieving our goals in DevOps and cloud adoption for Finnair’s digital transformation program."

Petteri Skaffari, Head of IT, Finnair

With the help of CGI, Finnair adopted a DevOps model to deliver its digital initiatives, and its first mandate was to use the model to build an API platform to support ancillary product sales. CGI’s DevOps team built an modern API platform that simplifies the sale and delivery of ancillary products by, for example, managing all of the logic resulting when a passenger enters loyalty card, credit card and flight numbers. The API supports both web and mobile app channels (iOS and Android), and new channels can be easily added.

To learn more about this DevOps-based platform, CGI’s collaboration with Finnair and the value delivered, read our case study