The value of FD CARES’ innovative NEMS approach to community health management was measured in terms of potential savings to PSF, savings to the health system partners as a whole, care utilization and patient experience.
To maximize the healthcare value it generates, the Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital investigated the appropriateness of performing hospital enterprise optimization by using a linear programming based analytics model to make decisions about patient inflow into its Emergency ...

CGI works with health organizations in applying advanced analytics to:

  • Better manage and forecast resources, increase efficiency and improve quality and access to care 

  • Reduce harmful episodes through the detection of unusual or adverse events

  • Achieve situational awareness and intelligence

  • Identify healthcare claims with high potential for recovery

  • Support better care planning, care transitions and clinical decision making by leveraging structured and unstructured data

  • Effectively plan operational changes, such as modifying the case mix in surgery and analyzing the effect on other departments