Lucille Bonenfant

In May 2021, Lucille Bonenfant was appointed CGI’s Chief Privacy Officer, overseeing the company’s global data protection strategy, enterprise-wide data protection policies and procedures, and data protection regulatory compliance.

A prominent lawyer with more than 15 years’ experience in business and contract law, including 13 years in the technology industry and eight years with CGI, Lucille is known for setting high compliance standards with CGI policies and values. She leads a global team of dedicated data privacy professionals safeguarding CGI and its stakeholders through the implementation of data protection and privacy practices in day-to-day operations at every level.

Prior to this appointment, Lucille served as a legal director and business partner for CGI’s Western & Southern Europe strategic business unit. In this role, she was the legal lead for strategic client’s opportunities cross-industries, regularly involved in international teams and contracts, and led the legal support for internal matters of the strategic business unit (global procurement and insurance).

Lucille holds a master’s degree in Business and Tax Law from the University of Paris II (ASSAS), and a postgraduate degree in Business Law and Management from Neoma Business School.

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