How can you protect the business without inhibiting innovation and pace?

With CGI’s Digital Identity and Access Management (IAM) Advisory Services, you can secure access for digital identities while driving the agility and innovation you need to optimize operations, improve the user experience, and speed up time to market.


Achieving the right balance with an insights-led approach

Today’s organizations require agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences—anytime, anywhere. In response, customer, employee and supplier ecosystems have become more complex, connected and open. At the same time, cyber threats and risks are growing in velocity and complexity.

With more digital and connected ecosystems, along with the rise of remote working and the gig economy, the volume, velocity and variety of digital identities (both human and non-human) to manage is rising exponentially.

By staying abreast of rapidly changing technologies, ecosystems and threats, our consultants are ready to help you achieve the right balance of connectivity, agility and risk measures, so you can be sure the right access is given to the right identity at the right time.

Our Digital IAM Advisory Services include:

  • IAM Strategy & Roadmap: Defining your enterprise identity and access management strategy for new realities
  • IAM Operating Model Design: Designing a context-centric IAM operating model for your complex, hybrid, open enterprise
  • External Identities Management Strategy: Defining your external identity (partners, customers, citizens) management and governance strategy  
  • Silicon Identities Strategy: Defining a strategy for managing the identities of robots, IoT devices, micro-services, APIs and all the new world digital identities
  • IAM Federation & Integration Advisory: Advising on your federation and technical integration strategy in a fragmented, distributed, open IAM landscape

Case in point

Serving as access control broker for 10+ million industrial IoT digital assets for an industry-wide service

For a large nationwide program involving the rollout of millions of industrial IoT digital assets, CGI designed, built, implemented, hosted, ran and supported the data services that lie at the heart of this program.

Our IAM advisory services, along with security services enable companies to access information to improve their services and customer experiences. These IAM services are crucial to the maintenance of consumer confidence, which underpins the nationwide program and rollout.

Our solution provides a high-availability, high-resilience communication service in accordance with specifications and provides an access control function that cryptographically validates all access requests and verifies right of access against IoT registration data.

It also includes an industry-wide federated identity provider (IDP) service, enforcing federated two-factor authentication for employees of industry parties, roles and privilege assertion using SAML, and self- service management by industry party administrators. We also use this IDP service to control third-party access to industry service management systems.

In addition, the IDP service also includes effective management of privileged staff, management of risk in accordance with ISO 27005 and delivery of associated security services.