Whether you are a water utility, industry or a potential new entrant; at our stand you can learn and experience how we can equip you with innovative digital tools to obtain accurate and up-to-date data, improving water efficiency, generating time and cost efficiencies resulting in better service.

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CGI Virtual Experience

Come see CGI’s Virtual Experience at Stand 75 and discover through our HoloLens how augmented reality (AR) can innovate the water industry.

Using augmented reality and digital mapping

Using GPS-enabled data sources and GIS data, visualized through augmented reality (AR), enabling you to digitally map and envision underground infrastructure in three dimensions.

Leverage and share your expertise with the touch of a finger

Using augmented reality (AR) to share instructions, facilitating clear communication between geographically distributed teams, accessible from any terminal and simple to use, enabling you to master it quickly and effectively.

More to discover

CGI is helping water and waste management clients around the world to meet today’s market challenges, enhance performance and drive profits. We will bring some examples to share with you.

CGI at Aquarama event
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