Level crossing safety remains one of the highest-priority areas of improvement targeted by railway infrastructure operators. A particular challenge lies in providing cost-effective solutions in remote, low-density traffic sections of the network.

SAT-LX is a satellite-based advisory warning system to improve safety in these areas. It can be combined with existing railroad crossing solutions or serve as a complete solution for improving safety in rural locations.

The system maintains an up-to-date database of train positions and calculates the time of arrival for trains at railroad crossings supported by the system. Calculations are based on position and line speed (plus, actual speed, when available).

SAT-LX benefits

  • Designed to improve safety at remote railroad crossings with no active protection
  • Up-to-date, reliable information to railroad crossing users
  • No need for trackside power or communications infrastructure
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Remote equipment health checks reduce the need for scheduled inspection or servicing
  • Proven technology
  • Failsafe mode in event of power or equipment failure
  • Options to support emergency telephone and object detection

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