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    CACS Enterprise

    CGI’s market-leading CACS Enterprise collections system helps you reduce operating expenses, delinquencies and write-offs, while building profitable customer relationships and improving all aspects of your end-to-end collections and recovery operations.

    CGI All Payments

    Payments transformation allows banks to achieve their goals at a pace that is right for them, while providing true business agility and making payment services more customer centric. This is essential for responding to market drivers such as global, real-time initiatives, mobile payments and data analytics.

    CGI Asset & Resource Management (ARM) Suite

    CGI’s Asset & Resource Management (ARM) suite is a solution designed to streamline the business processes that support utility operations with a specific focus on enterprise asset management (EAM) for transmission and distribution (T&D). ARM provides unparalleled support to performance-driven utilities in their drive to create, expand and maintain a first-class network infrastructure and operation.

    CGI Atlas360

    Through this global, multi-lingual solution, CGI helps clients outsource their customer relationship processes to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, and improve time to market.

    CGI Central Energy Management Systems for centrally transmitted energy (CeMS )

    The biggest challenge in the use of renewable and non-renewable energy sources lies in preventing power grid imbalances. When there is an abundance of sustainable energy, this should be tapped into to meet energy demand instead of centrally transmitted energy.

    CGI Collections360

    CGI Collections360 is a comprehensive managed service approach to collections and debt management, encompassing the management of software, business processes, underlying IT and planning into a single cohesive suite.

    CGI CommunityCare360

    CGI CommunityCare360 is a modular solution that connects patients, primary care physicians, case coordinators, work coordinators, extended teams, mobile care providers, first responders, administrators and managers.

    CGI HotScan360

    CGI HotScan360 is a comprehensive and versatile risk management platform that provides real-time fraud detection, payments filtering, know your customer and customer due diligence capabilities, along with anti-money laundering transaction monitoring.

    CGI Payments360

    Many are falling behind the curve due to aging and disparate legacy systems that have countless interfaces and duplicate processes. Since payment systems are at the heart of the institution, processing billions and even trillions of dollars each day, failure to move toward a modernized platform is not an option.

    CGI ProperPay

    CGI ProperPay provides predictive analytics, workflow management, rules management and global best practices for preventing healthcare claims fraud, waste and abuse. It is available in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud.

    CGI Unify360

    CGI Unify360 provides the unified IT platform, consulting services, frameworks and practices needed to understand an organization’s entire IT portfolio, create cohesive strategies that align IT to business objectives, and maximize IT investments as a result.

    IBOR- Innovative Solutions for the Public Space

    IBOR, integrated management of public space, connects all the dynamic objects in public space. IBOR gives you control over the objects...

    Patient SafetyService

    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Global Trigger Tool (GTT) for Measuring Adverse Events is designed to detect triggers indicating the possibility of an adverse event during the treatment process. Many of these events can be avoided by detecting patterns that allow for the design and use of safer procedures.

    Renewables Management System (RMS)

    Delivering solutions that help plant managers, owners and teams to achieve the full potential of renewable assets.