Brussels, Belgium, October 11, 2021

CGI Belgium has launched a local CSR initiative and donated the amount collected to the Trees for the Future – Forest Arboretum project.

Our forests are suffering from climate change: successive droughts, storms, water stress and attacks from insects and fungi, etc.

Today, 60% of the species that fill our forests are showing signs of becoming weaker.

Trees for Future is an innovative project launched by the Royal Forestry Society of Belgium, aimed at identifying the forest species that are resilient to climate change and preparing the forest of tomorrow, one that is capable of dealing with the economic, environmental and social issues at stake.

We would like to thank all of our members for contributing to this project that is important for our community.

A strong commitment to a more sustainable and inclusive world

CGI demonstrates its commitment to an environmentally sustainable world through projects delivered in collaboration with clients and through operating practices, supply chain management, and community service activities. The company has reached a total of 70% reduction in its CO2 emissions since 2014, and almost 50% of total energy usage across operations comes from renewable sources.

Data centers are a key way of servicing clients and represent nearly half of CGI’s overall energy consumption. Following a company-wide commitment last year to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, CGI announced a new target to achieve 100% renewable electricity in all of its data centers by 2023.

To read CGI's 2021 CSR Report and to learn more about the company's CSR efforts in general, visit