The Healthcare industry is rapidly changing with acceleration stimulated by the pandemic. At the same time, there is a massive number of data and assets that have become vulnerable with the digitization of the industry.

Eddy brings 25+ years of experience in information technology and has a strong background in the healthcare industry, including great experience in laboratory systems across Europe and a background in Electronic Medical Records. Data and workflow platforms in hospitals and healthcare systems have become the backbone in this complex industry. This is where Eddy’s strong interest and connection with the world of Data and (Cyber)security comes in.

Eddy articulately shares insights on the nature of change in the life-science and pharmaceutical companies moving to service models and the complex regulatory environment. As an Insightful and self-motivated lean six sigma black belt and data evangelist, Eddy can examine all steps of the processes to see where greater efficiency and streamlining can be achieved to save time, money and resources.