CGI develops app to help governments manage work and travel restrictionsIn response to work and travel restrictions implemented in the midst of the pandemic, CGI designed a mobile app to help manage work statuses and travel permits.

CGI developed the app for UK Local Authorities, drawing upon its expertise in deploying apps for juror scheduling for the Ministry of Justice and the MyMetro journey planning and ticketing app for the West Midlands Metro; however, the app can be adapted for any government clients worldwide.

Identifying “key workers” and authorizing their travel

The pandemic created a challenge in the UK for identifying “key workers”—those permitted to continue working outside of their homes—and authorizing their travel. CGI designed a web-based app for smartphones and desktop computers that enables citizens to self-declare and register their key worker status, as well as receive travel authorization.

Users can create an account and submit key personal and employment details (e.g., employee ID or driver’s license). After doing so, they receive a travel code to use as required. When traveling, for example, they can simply present their registered status and travel code for verification.

Delivering the advantages of a modern app architecture

CGI designed the app using a proven platform-as-a-service (PaaS) structure that provides high availability, along with built-in scalability, extensibility and security. The app also is user friendly, rapidly deployable and reusable. In addition, clients can brand the look and feel of the app.

Because of its extensible architecture, governments can provide additional services easily through the app, as necessary, such as verifying COVID-19 testing to enable key workers to return to work after self-isolation. Post-pandemic, the app’s permit-based approach makes it valuable in managing any type of online permitting for people or goods.