CGI DigitalGov360 is an online service development and delivery platform that is helping our government clients deliver more than 1,000 digital services with millions of transactions annually. This easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate solutions allows your organization to:

  • Provide a unified platform for digital services 
  • Rapidly create responsive, secure online forms that can be accessed any time, from any device
  • Shift from in-person channels to web-based services
  • Manage all transactions with web-based workflows and notifications
  • Integrate data captured with your existing applications and databases 

CGI DigitalGov360 makes it easy for your citizens to conduct business with you, such as:

  • Pay invoices or bills 
  • Purchase goods and services 
  • Register for services or events
  • Validate eligibility, apply for and/or renew government programs and services (e.g., licenses, grants, records)
  • Renew programs and services [goes w/above]
  • Report issues or provide feedback
  • Use self-service for status of applications / requests

Key benefits at a glance

  • Fast – creates forms “on the fly” to rapidly launch new services

  • Integration ready – connects to Active Directory, databases and core systems 

  • Secure and compliant – adheres to W3C AA, PCI-DSS, OWASP Top 10 and GDPR

  • Cost-effective – reduces development cost and maintenance support

Manage the full lifecycle of a transaction

Our user-friendly, template-driven solution has a “drag and drop” graphical user interface (GUI) for quickly developing screens and forms. Screens can be customized to your “look and feel,” developed in multiple languages, and viewed on any device with our mobile-first, responsive design. We can train internal staff to use the system to enable them to build their own digital services and maintain the platform. Ongoing advice and support are available as needed.  

You can define workflows to automate approvals and other steps in the lifecycle, as well as provide notifications to your end users via email, SMS, and web services. 

Built-in reporting and analytics offer your administrators and management the insights they need to assess performance and identify opportunities for service improvement. 

Integrate with core systems while protecting data

CGI DigitalGov360’s native web service connectivity and robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) ease integration with your core databases and systems (e.g., customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning). 

Designed to meet your data security and privacy requirements, CGI DigitalGov360 provides encryption/decryption and targets OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 critical risks to web applications. We can integrate with Active Directory and identity and access management solutions, enable role-based permissions and provide you with a full auditing framework.
Built on the Microsoft technology stack, CGI DigitalGov360 is architected around proven web design patterns and integrates with most modern web services (SOAP and REST).

Flexible implementation and deployment

The solution can be hosted on your premises or through our software as a service (SaaS) offering. The architecture is designed to minimize system downtime when deploying new services. It also allows for deployment at any time. Our clients’ ongoing feedback and evolving requirements contribute to our solution roadmap and future releases. 

For a Canadian provincial jurisdiction, CGI DigitalGov360 supports hundreds of online services and handles millions of transactions annually. Services include, border permitting application, small business pandemic relief requests, driver’s license renewal, online payments (e.g., traffic tickets, utility bills, etc.) as well as non-financial transactions such as problem reporting.

For a UK jurisdiction, CGI DigitalGov360 supports a unified service center for citizens to access all services, whether at the counter, on the web or via the call center. It handles 240,000 transactions annually.