Sharath Chandra B N

Manager Consulting Delivery & COVID Warrior

Having an active CSR network within CGI, I’ve been a participant in various initiatives. When the pandemic struck, volunteering for our COVID Warrior group was an obvious choice for me.

Though I tested positive, I was not one to give up. In fact, the experience only made me resolve harder to help others. I could relate to their experiences, having gone through it myself.

A key aspect that emerged in the fight against COVID-19 was the importance of mental health. Apart from the practical challenges of getting food and timely medication, not having your friends and family around, especially during times of distress, takes a toll on a patient. Hence, while working with the group, I took it upon myself to reassure patients I was working with that help was at hand and that I was just a phone call away for them. Lending a patient ear really helped as I carefully guided them through a checklist of questions, which not just allowed him to get a better understanding of their needs but also provided a plan to those keeping a tab of their progress.

I will admit that it was very concerning to watch my colleagues and their families being affected by the virus. But I was glad that I was able to do my bit in providing support to those who needed it. During these times, I also informed them about options provided by CGI, such as medical insurance specifically against COVID-19 and member loans.

Today, I feel happy and humbled to have made a difference to my fellow members at CGI.

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