CGI’s 2019-2020 Insights to Action Report shares the actions we are taking with clients to use technology to make a difference in our communities.

In the “Our communities” section, we share representative stories and testimonials aligned with our priorities of improving technical and business literacy, benefitting the overall well-being of our communities, and advancing environmental and economic sustainability. In addition, we feature the projects completed during this year’s Dream Connectors program, which is an annual initiative to support CGI consultants with access to IT, facilities, funding and CGI volunteers to fulfill a dream they have for their local community organizations.

Here is an overview of the topics covered in the Communities section:

Helping people improve their technical and business literacy

  • Inspiring and supporting women to be future IT leaders
  • Organizing training initiatives to help build a future IT workforce

Benefitting the overall well-being of the communities in which we live and work

  • Innovating to help people with disabilities
  • Bringing the benefits of digital technology to support important causes

Demonstrating our commitment to environmental and economic sustainability

  • Using the power of IT to support a more sustainable planet
  • Recognition for our environmental commitment
  • Building more prosperous communities through economic support

We encourage you to download the Communities excerpt from the Insights to Action report today and see for yourself how CGI strives to be a global leader in the communities where we—and our clients—live and work.

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