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Our expertise in cloud computing

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Cloud adoption

Helping a large telecom firm rapidly deploy a new remote cloud contact center

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Rail reliability

CGI to assist VIA Rail Canada in the implementation of a new reservation system

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A suite of end-to-end managed cloud

We provide enterprise-class managed cloud services to support your cloud journey and “Day 2” cloud operational requirements.

managed cloud services


Manage configuration

Our Configuration Management Service ensures that your environment and system performs as it is expected to, when changes to configurations are made.

Monitor the performance

Our Cloud Practice offers a full and comprehensive range of Monitoring Services. Our Monitoring Services monitor the health and performance of our customers’ IT infrastructure in the cloud and in certain cases, on-premises infrastructure.

Get 24/7 support

No matter how well a cloud or hybrid environment is planned, provisioned, operated or monitored, problems may arise. We provides support to our customers to help them deal with outages, breaches, inefficiencies, and disaster scenarios on a 24/7 basis.

Plan for disaster recovery

Our Back-up & Disaster Recovery service ensures that if a disaster occurs, the affected data, applications and other resources can be restored and the resumption normal operations for the client’s business.

Protect my cloud

We uses native cloud security tools to help provide our customers a workload protection solution that provides security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads.

Manage access

Our Identity and Access Management service is a security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud resources.


Engagement model

Our engagement model is easily understood, predictable and highly effective. Establishing a direct link between our Client-centric support team and your requesters minimizes delays and improves delivery and transparency. 

Bank of hours professional services

Our contractual governance process helps clients adapt to shifting business conditions and review changes in the demand of specific services with CGI. This facilitates rapid change with an innovation-driven approach so you can realize the maximum benefits of the cloud.

Pricing model

Using an uncomplicated and intuitive billing model, our customers easily scale their Managed Cloud Services up and down to accommodate fluctuations in their volumes and demands.

Client Centric Service Teams (CCST)

We recognize that effective and successful cloud offerings require Client Centric Service Teams (CCST) and a DevOps delivery approach. CCSTs and DevOps are fundamental to building stronger, more collaborative relationships with our clients so our clients can achieve their business objectives and outcomes.

Discovery, knowledge transfer and on-boarding model

We work with our clients to determine the volume and frequency of change required to support their environment across the four foundational components of our managed services (modifications, incident support, service requests and professional services). This collaboration with our clients, and the insights derived from this process, helps CGI establish the optimal model to meet your unique business needs.

CGI's Managed Cloud Services

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