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Adapting to change—now and into the future

How can banks keep pace with continuous change, future-proof their businesses, and outperform both traditional and new competitors? We advocate an approach that focuses on incremental, nimble, and frequent changes in sync with fast-evolving client, business, and regulatory needs.

We call this approach adaptive banking.

Adaptive banking is a customer-centric, agile approach to banking that uses data continuously to better understand customer expectations and tailor banking services accordingly. Through technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, banks can gather and analyze customer information and then use it to deliver personalized promotions, products, and advice as customer expectations evolve.

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CGI has been at the forefront of banking since the 1970s, helping to drive many domestic and global initiatives that have transformed the industry. Our deep understanding of the complex business and technology challenges banks face combined with our strong local relationships enable us to build long-term partnerships that drive success.

CGI helps banks leverage emerging technologies such as blockchain, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to reinvent their businesses for the future.

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CGI banking experts across the globe work side-by-side with you as an innovative partner to understand your unique challenges and co-innovate solutions that drive competitive advantage.

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