I identify as transgender, and my journey has been a challenging one. From discovering my true self while seeking unconditional respect for who I am, my family has been my source of strength, especially my parents, who always supported and encouraged me.


I became part of CGI through the Linga merger. I am proud to be in CGI, which allows me to represent my community and true self without barriers or biases. Respect is a core value of our organisation, and I feel that in every interaction I have with our members and leaders.

Here at CGI, through Member Resource Groups (MRGs), we are building safe spaces for individuals to share their experiences and find support and guidance. We have held sensitisation sessions to create awareness to help members understand and learn more about the LGBTQIA+ community.

I am grateful to my colleagues and the leadership for respecting me for my merit and talent and not my orientation or gender and for creating an inclusive environment where one can grow professionally and personally to be the best version of myself.

Experience unconditional respect, join an inclusive environment and build new experiences, head to our careers page for open roles.

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