Unnati is our leadership development program that aims to build women professionals' personal and professional potential by enabling and preparing them for leadership roles.

Why I love Unnati

My leadership nominated me to attend this leadership development program for women members. While I was honoured to be chosen to participate in this 25-week program, I was unaware of the transformation it would bring to my professional and personal brand.

Unnati is a powerful program for women professionals, and here are the three things I learned and loved about it:

  • In one of the sessions, I discovered I am a people pleaser. Make it your strength and begin by pleasing yourself by putting yourself FIRST. I tried this at work and home, and it worked like a charm. As women, we end up putting others’ priorities ahead of ours, professionally or in our circles. Once we stop that, it feels empowering.
  • Brand Me, the tagline of this session says, “If you don’t brand yourself, there are people who will do it for you.” We always shy away from throwing a spotlight on what we have accomplished and being proud of our success. Through Brand Me, I realised it is essential to put yourself out there and talk about what you have done. This helped me brand my team and the exceptional work we do out there, which earned us the Best Team of the Quarter award.
  • The session also focused on breaking the stereotypes that we harbour deep within us as women professionals.

Unnati has empowered me as a woman professional to step up, lead, and walk the talk. It has inspired me to help and guide other women professionals to discover themselves to fulfil their potential.

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