CGI - Solutions
Business intelligence and data warehousing for state and local government

Enterprise Intelligence360 for Government consolidates data from all sources and provides actionable insights through state-of-the-art reporting and analytics.

CACS-G - Computer Assisted Collection System for Government
CACS-G is a market-leading collections system built specifically to help government organizations overcome the challenge of managing delinquent accounts receivables.
CGI Accelerate®
CGI Accelerate provides a high quality, flexible, efficient and reusable framework that accelerates the implementation or upgrade process.
CGI Advantage ERP
CGI's leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite helps state and local governments and educational institutions improve operational efficiencies, constituent services and performance, all while reducing costs.
CGI Advantage implementation services
CGI Advantage360®
CGI Advantage360 is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that expedites delivery of CGI’s world class government ERP capabilities at a lower total cost of ownership.
CGI Advantage® Case Management
CGI Advantage Case Management automates and transforms processes for creating and managing cases to improve efficiency, flexibility and customer service.
CGI Advantage® Collections
CGI Advantage Collections is a built-for-government, integrated financial management and collections solution.
CGI Advantage® Permitting
CGI Advantage Permitting consolidates and automates the full permitting and licensing process across the enterprise.
CGI Case Management solution
CGI’s Case Management solution automates and transforms case management, driving efficiencies, flexibility and enhanced customer service.
CGI Participation Next
Participation Next enables tangible demonstration of citizen participation. This innovative platform helps municipalities connect citizens, organizations and local initiatives based on their interests, connections and location making participation easier and more fun.
e-Infrastructure for single-window, multi-channel access
CGI designs proven and scalable functional and technical architecture solutions that securely move information and data through all levels of government.
eCAM - Client Activity ManagerDescribes CGI's proprietary Web-based system that helps workforce and human service organizations communicate, monitor and track the activities of their participants
eRIMS for Government electronic records solution
Electronic records information management solution for functions such as judiciary and health and human services
gBIZ framework to create e-government applications
This proprietary framework allows governments to expedite easy, secure self-service throughout all transaction stages.
Identicate for identity and fraud management
This solution combats identity fraud across commercial and government organizations.
Momentum for federal financial management
Describes CGI's ERP financial management solution built specifically for U.S. federal agencies
Strata Enterprise for decision management
This business rules engine is used by organizations worldwide to implement business rules and evaluate and measure customer treatment strategies.
Trust Asset Accounting Management System (TAAMS)
CGI’s Trust Asset Accounting Management System helps federal, state, provincial and local/municipal governments efficiently meet their land management requirements.