Answering your need to meet the evolving demands of the new energy system

Developing new digital capabilities for the energy transition requires a detailed, accurate and integrated view of your network—but the relevant operational data resides in many different systems and is hard to access. You also need visibility into the power generation options across all segments of the grid, including the endpoints. All of this demands an IT platform that can bring together data from internal and external sources to accelerate the development of new applications and services to meet your customer needs.

Co-developed with network owners and operators

CGI OpenGrid360 builds on more than 30 years of industry experience and specific expertise from our work on UK smart grid innovation projects, for example, such as solving data challenges with Western Power Distribution (WPD) and delivering innovative real-time digital model of a network (SP Energy Networks)

Founded on an advanced data management and integration model, our solution solves data quality challenges by allowing you to securely centralize your data and share it across IT, operational technology (OT) and business systems, without disrupting current systems.

Our innovative data strategy and enterprise data integration approach (the CGI OpenGrid Foundation) use a single reference model created from all other data in core systems. The value is in layering the data over the underlying network view.

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CGI OpenGrid360

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CGI OpenGrid360 Portfolio

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The CGI OpenGrid360 Portfolio

CGI OpenGrid360 features modules for asset, network and work management, field mobility and workforce management, as well as solutions for advanced smart grids and renewable energy operations. These applications will help you maximize the benefits of data from the grid and endpoints. While modules can be used individually, even greater value can be achieved by implementing the full solution suite.

Modular, scalable and interoperable, CGI OpenGrid360 can be deployed incrementally to deliver future capabilities, systems and functions—and configured to your core systems to maximize business benefits. Our solution is compatible with your existing architecture, infrastructure and data approach, with onsite, onshore and offshore implementation options available.



Work at your pace with a trusted partner

CGI is trusted by the world’s leading utilities to implement their most complex and mission-critical systems. Wherever you are on your digital journey, we help you advance by tailoring our approach to your objectives, environment and pace.

CGI OpenGrid360 includes our end-to-end portfolio of consulting, integration and managed services. We offer a strategic vision for your architecture roadmap, and can integrate and manage applications and services as you transition to a utility network owner and operator of the future.

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