We are committed to enabling our members to advance personally and professionally by investing in their career development, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, and developing appropriate health and wellness programs. We are championing digital inclusion for students of all ages by improving access to technology, education, and mentoring and reducing inequities by preparing students to succeed in a digital society.


  • Reach twice as many participants for our education and mentoring programs as CGI members by 2023
  • Achieve the same level of diversity representation at the leadership levels as the company population as a whole by 2025
Our commitment

STEM and educational programs beneficiaries, representing 5.6 times the number of our members
of SBU Presidents are women
of voluntary members resource groups support a more inclusive workplace culture

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)

Creating a culture of belonging requires conscious and intentional effort. Our DE&I strategy is foundational to the growth and success of our company. It provides a framework for cooperation that empowers our members to show up as their complete, authentic selves at work.

“We think of DE&I as a journey of ongoing improvement. We are building an environment at CGI that prioritizes diversity representation, celebrates differences, and reflects the world that we live in.”

Jenny Winter, Vice-President, Global Talent, Culture and Learning

Key initiatives

Educational initiatives

We champion digital inclusion by improving access to equitable technology education. By sharing our core expertise with young people and adults, including communities underrepresented in IT, we aim to remove barriers, close digital gaps, and support a successful future for those most at risk.

Key initiatives
Educational initiatives

Health, well-being, and safety

We understand the importance of giving our members and leaders the tools to navigate our evolving reality. We have developed key initiatives and programs to foster member engagement, social connectedness, a sense of belonging, and overall well-being.

“The physical and mental health of our professionals is paramount to our collective success.”
Julie Godin, Co-Chair of the Board, Executive Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Corporate Development

Key initiatives

Career growth and development

We strive to create a challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding work environment that promotes the professional growth of our members and ensures their satisfaction. At CGI, our career development principles include a culture of ownership, active engagement among members, and transparency.

Fair and inclusive hiring practices are crucial to our recruitment strategy.

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