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It’s the dawn of a new era in manufacturing

Digitization is reimagining the way you produce, sell and deliver across your entire value chain. Industry 4.0 and new technologies offer the opportunity to do business in a profoundly different way—as a connected, adaptive and sustainable manufacturer, integrated with your entire ecosystem.  For over four decades, we have helped leading manufacturers navigate and seize the opportunities of change. With deep industry and technology expertise, our consultants work with you to improve business agility so you can drive efficiencies and reduce costs as you continue to advance your strategic goals.

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CGI Voice of Our Clients: Solid data foundations are needed to enable innovation, diversification and efficiency

Amid economic uncertainty, manufacturers are looking to optimize costs and diversify to survive and thrive. The sustainability imperative grows, while artificial intelligence (AI) promises to accelerate transformation efforts.

As part of the 2024 CGI Voice of Our Clients, we met with 202 manufacturing executives to understand their top priorities and how they are preparing for and adapting to key trends shaping their organizations.

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Driving the future of possibility in automotive manufacturing

Macro trends like climate change, supply chain reconfiguration, and a shift in the world economic order have led automotive companies to rethink their strategies. In addition, stricter regulations like Germany’s Supply Chain Act and the acceleration of sustainable mobility continue to drive the whole industry’s transformation.

As the automotive industry reinvents itself, we help our automotive clients secure their place in the new digital ecosystem with services and solutions across each point of the manufacturing and customer journey.

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Transforming data into actionable insights to drive smart, sustainable and resilient manufacturing operations

As manufacturing environments become more complex, forward-looking manufacturers see extraordinary benefits in using data to meet new market realities, balance competing priorities and advance digital transformation. CGI's Data-Driven Manufacturing offering is a unique four-step approach that combines strategy, governance and the human aspect of change to implement data solutions that help you realize your strategic vision.

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