Top trends and priorities focus on customer experience, protected operations and IT modernization

We met with 63 business services executives to understand their top priorities and how they prepare for and adapt to key trends shaping their organizations. Executives cite technology and digital acceleration as the most impactful macro trend, while cybersecurity emerges as the top industry trend. The top business priority of improving the customer experience is tied closely to the top IT priority of IT modernization.

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Technology acceleration and climate change are shaping strategies
and 49% of executives cite the high impact of these macro trends, respectively.

Macroeconomic environment impacts costs and margins
Executives cite reducing costs and optimizing prices as the top 2 ways to adapt and thrive

Cybersecurity and automation are top of mind
Securing the organization is the #1 industry trend, while automation enters the top 3

Customer experience is key to driving revenue growth
Customer experience is the #1 business priority

Business agility requires modernizing IT
IT modernization is the #1 IT priority, yet only 8% are fully operational with it

Key Findings - Business services

When comparing insights from the 44% who are operational or producing results from digital strategies (digital adopters) to those building or launching digital strategies (digital aspirants), common attributes emerge.

Digital adopters in business services are accelerating digitization, IT modernization and automation, and closely aligning business and IT operations—all with a focus on improving the customer experience.

Business services Attribute 1

Feel digitization has a
high impact on their
business models

Digital adopters


Digital aspirants


Business services Attribute 2

Are in the “done” or “in progress” stages for enhanced automation implementation

Digital adopters


Digital aspirants


Business services Attribute 3

Have highly aligned business and IT operations to support strategy execution

Digital adopters


Digital aspirants



Modernize IT platforms
to enhance cybersecurity, enable data management and replace legacy systems


Automate and digitize processes
to increase efficiency, quality and lower costs


Implement a master data management strategy
to ensure data quality and governance to support insights-led decision-making


Use managed IT services
to focus on core business processes and drive transformation and agility, while reducing IT operation costs


Accelerate digital transformation
by prioritizing change management strategies


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