Radhika Kandala

Radhika Kandala

Director Consulting Delivery & COVID Warrior

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the entire world. Standing together, CGI members formed a COVID Warriors group to support their colleagues and families during difficult times.

I saw people in my own team affected and understood the magnitude of the situation. Hence, when the opportunity presented itself to volunteer, I did not think twice, knowing very well that this would be a channel through which I could reach out to the maximum number of people. Although I was initially apprehensive about how effective it would be, it didn’t take long before our efforts paid off.

From finding hospital beds and oxygen concentrators to sourcing medicines and identifying meal providers, I along with my team, sourced information from multiple avenues, channeled this data, and maintained a repository, allowing us to quickly attend to any call for help.

I recall one instance when there was a severe shortage of medication across the country. The team persisted with its efforts and we followed up on every possible lead to help a member, finally sourcing it from across 500 kms, all the way from Vijaywada to Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh. Although the patient was not in a position to receive the medicine, the spirit and commitment of the volunteers were heart-warming.

My biggest learning through all this is that every individual has the power to make an impact. When channeled towards a common goal, even a small contribution it can make a world of difference to someone.

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