Praveen Kumar Patil

Praveen Kumar Patil
Associate Consultant & CSR Volunteer

Molding the future of impressionable kids and making a difference in their lives, was an outstanding thought to me.

I found that CGI was actively engaged in creating and sustaining talent through education programs and by collaborating with institutions around the globe. With the aspiration to champion digital inclusion for all, I signed up to be a volunteer.

I started my journey recording audiobooks for visually challenged children. It was an amazing experience, knowing that it was key to help our future generation be exam-ready. By contributing a few hours of my time, I could help make a difference for many students and build their foundation for the future.

My next activity involved educating students on social networking. It involved teaching them the process of doing online transactions and discussing sites like LinkedIn and Facebook over a phone call.

As a next step in my volunteering journey, I became a CSR Champion and mentored students on civic projects. We worked with one CGI’s CSR partners for a period of five weeks to help the students develop over 29 projects in areas like road safety, COVID safety, water conservation etc.

This journey has introduced me to many new aspects of life. Working with children and helping them has showed me that there is immense joy and happiness in giving. I have been lucky to have received the support and encouragement from the different teams at CGI, which keeps me going!

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