Collections solutions and services

A comprehensive collections and recovery solution

In an environment of rising delinquency and credit losses, organizations need rapidly deployable solutions that accelerate reduction of bad debt while minimizing operational costs and risks. Yet many organizations have limited capital and time to invest in the technology and processes needed to support the ever changing collections environment.

Collections360 is CGI’s comprehensive managed service approach to collections and debt management. It is a low-cost, low-risk solution that encompasses IT services, business applications and ongoing collections operations management. By providing a proven operational framework supported by technology that automatically assigns cases to the most cost-effective treatment strategy, organizations are able to lower costs by collecting more, faster.

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Business process services

CGI’s managed services model allows organizations to quickly and cost effectively shift gears as collections needs change. Options are tailored to each client’s requirements.

Day-to-day operations and third party relationships are managed within a clearly defined framework and joint client/CGI governance model. CGI’s dedicated team of expert managers and collectors provide focused business process expertise to improve operations, including:

  • Strategy execution – definition, implementation, testing and analysis
  • Quality assurance – phone monitoring, scorecard implementation, procedure creation/update
  • Agency management – account placement, recall and reconciliation, and performance management
  • Reporting – results measurement and distribution

Business applications

The Collections360 offering is anchored by an integrated platform of collections, recovery, recovery accounting, decisioning and communications software, providing world-class technology at the lowest possible price point.  The platform incorporates CGI proprietary business applications with client chosen software, such as predictive dialing, business intelligence or document imaging.

CGI proprietary business applications include:

  • CACS Enterprise for collections recovery - provides advanced workflow to maximize the effectiveness of collections and recovery treatments and speed the collections of impaired accounts, resulting in reduced credit losses and minimized expenses. With the integrated CACS Recovery Accounting component, CACS can also manage the full suite of accounting needs for post-charge off accounts.
  • StrataEnterprise for decision management - allows organizations to create, execute, measure and experiment with various customer treatment strategies across the relationship cycle.
  • Web Promises for online collections - provides access to an inexpensive method of collecting payments 24x7, while offering customers a self-service portal that can be used on their timeframe, without confrontation.
  • CGI Enterprise Gateway for third-party vendor management – provides a single gateway to support and communicate with multiple third-party vendors, enabling improved performance and treatment decisions through simplified access to outside collection agencies and external service provider data and intelligence.

IT services

Collections360’s comprehensive and flexible range of support and services are tailored to each client’s requirements. CGI offers implementation assistance and ongoing application maintenance. Applications can be hosted on CGI or client infrastructure, with CGI providing application support onsite or remotely.

CACS, Strata, and CGI Enterprise Gateway are registered trademarks and CGI Collections360 and Web Promises are trademarks of CGI Group Inc.