Meet Karlis, our colleague from CGI Latvia Insurance Competence center. Karlis is working with CGI for over two years, following the successful completion of his internship program. He enjoyed his internship days in CGI. A flexible working schedule allowed him to combine work and studies effectively. And the office location was perfect as it was just minutes away from his university. Karlis is happy working with CGI, which offers plenty of opportunities for growth and development. He says that having an open mind will allow one to pursue the opportunities that come along. All his colleagues were very supportive and had a great willingness to share their learnings. He learned that the most important thing in a highly competitive environment is to be proactive. Having an open growth mindset is an essential characteristic to stay unbeaten at work.

When we asked Karlis about his achievements in CGI, he says that the most important achievement is to manage multiple projects simultaneously. Also states that one needs to foster a scalable agile approach to adapt to the changing project scope, and you will need to perform at both levels - team and individual.

Karlis shares his tips for staying motivated and productive while connected with the team remotely. He says that he maintains a daily work routine; time-wise schedule for sleeping time, waking up time and all the meals. He also practices all conventional morning commitments such as reading news while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and creating a healthly lifestyle by exercising. As he starts his work, he participates in the daily stand-up meeting, reviews and responds to emails, and proceeds with assigned tasks.

Talking about the engagements post-work, Karlis shares a memorable event on the seaside in Jūrmala, organized by Acando (now part of CGI)  last summer. This year, due to the pandemic restrictions, CGI launched a unique initiative called CGI steps challenge in Latvia and Lithuania. Karlis is thrilled to learn about this challenge and thinks it‘s an excellent opportunity to interact with colleagues in the remote world. He also believes that this activity helps maintain team spirit and gives the strength to cope with the lockdown. He even organized such a challenge for the friends from his dance group.

We wish him good luck and many years of success with CGI!

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Karlis Lacis

Karlis Lacis

Since 2018 works in CGI’s Insurance Competence center in Latvia as a PL/SQL and Tia developer and consultant. Karlis is a valuable team member – proactive, quick learner, he also has a background of working in brand promotion and cooperation creation within teams and between ...