Meet Rihards, our colleague from CGI Latvia Insurance Competence Center. Rihards joined CGI last year following the successful completion of his internship program.

Rihards enjoyed his internship tenure in CGI, and is delighted to the part of the organization. He says that CGI provides an excellent opportunity for internship students in the IT sector. In addition, the company offers enormous opportunities for its interns to learn and help identify their best-suited career paths. The supervisors are supportive and encouraging throughout the journey. Rihards appreciates that in CGI, interns are immensely supported for their growth and development in multiple domains. He shares that the environment is highly motivating and respectful.

„I have always thought that mutual respect is a key to success, but in CGI you can feel and experience it“, – says Rihards.

Rihards is also happy with the shorter commute between his university and office.

When we asked Rihards about his experience in CGI, he says that besides working on various programming languages, such as JavaScript, SQL, project management system as Jira, and others, the most important his achievement is learning how to contribute as a valuable team player and manage multiple projects simultaneously. Rihards adds that the internship was the first step towards training for the highly professional Scrum team.

Due to the pandemic, Rihards had to perform the internship remotely. Talking about remote internship, Rihards shares that it is more demanding than the live internship program to drive oneself towards success and evolution. However, he prefers remote internship program, which prepared him to collaborate and work with various CGI colleagues worldwide.

We wish him good luck and many years of success with CGI!

About this author

Rihards Plukšis

Rihards Plukšis

Since 2020 works in CGI’s Insurance Competence center in Lithuania as a PL/SQL and Tia developer and consultant.