Meet Burak, who is working with CGI following the Acando merger last year. Burak applied for an opportunity at CGI  just before the Acando acquisition, and he is grateful for being part of CGI. Further to his experience for over 3 years in Riga, Burak moved to Canada's one of the most beautiful places i.e., Victoria, located in Vancouver Island. Since the lockdown, Burak has spent only 20% of his time in the office and the rest of his time at home office. Burak is eagerly looking forward to re-opening the office and working more collaboratively with his colleagues in Victoria.

We asked Burak if it was easy for him to relocate to a foreign country, and he says that it was a well-thought decision to move to Canada. He has experenced relocation to Latvia during his previous job, and it was almost his second home. Besides, starting from scratch, adapting to a new culture and lifestyle were the main challenges.

Burak adds that he enjoys the scenic beauty of Canada. It's a nature's paradise with lakes, forests and stunning ocean views. The place is very similar to Latvia, though the weather is slightly warmer in winters than in Riga. He's pleased with his supportive colleagues, who have helped him adapt to the new environment pretty soon. Burak is happy about his learning and experience working on various client profiles, providing a wide range of services, mostly for the government.

When we asked Burak about his routine, he compares the pre-pandemic style of working in Latvia's office with more personal connections with colleagues and clients to a post-pandemic world of online collaborations and its dependency on MS Teams.

Burak appreciates the CGI's culture and values and likes employees' reference as shareholders in a flat hierarchy. He is also glad about the endless opportunities CGI offers him for learning and development by working for industry leaders across the globe on various technologies that provide him a great business experience.

Burak encourages the new talents in CGI to thrive, learn, and master new skills to stay abreast of the opportunities that come along.

We wish Burak good luck and many years of success with CGI!

About this author

Burak Akcen

Burak Akcen

Has 20+ years of work experience in software industry; particularly in SaaS, CRM, e-commerce and data-driven apps. He has involved in many implementation projects for large clients with such roles as technical consultant, product owner, project manager and lead developer.