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Holistic COVID Care has been introduced as a resource to ensure the best possible support is made available to you and reduce your need to evaluate and pay for these services. 
Services are available free of charge to all CGI members in India and their immediate family members who reside with them.

It provides a standardized quality of service and a dedicated Teleconsultation helpline with doctors. 

For support, call the dedicated helpline number provided by Apollo at: 18605004362

For testing, please refer to the COVID testing section below for more information.

Holistic COVID Care Flowchart


Dedicated Helpline / Teleconsultation

How to avail?

  1. Call the hotline number 18605004362 (Provided by Apollo)
  2. Furnish CGI Employee ID

Schedule: 8 AM to 8 PM dedicated line support. 
After 8PM: Supported by a common pool of doctors

Note: Delays or longer wait time may be experienced between April 26 and May 1, but call back will be made by the end of the day.

What is included?

  • Advise from Doctors via Teleconsultation
  • Prescription for medication and tests
  • RT-PCR /Antigen Test costs
  • Doctor consultation charges

What is not included?

  • Costs for medicines and any additional tests suggested by the doctor
  • Arrangements for medicines or additional tests other than RT-PCR/Antigen Test
COVID Testing 

Members have the option to get themselves tested via home-pick up or Testing Camp at Office 

COVID Testing – Home pickup option

How to avail?

Registration page: 

Cancel my testing request:

Note: Due to high demand please expect pick up from home to take anywhere between 2 to 4 days and test results could take another 3+ days.

What is included?

  • RT-PCR or Antigen Test sample home pick-up
    Fees for above services covered by CGI

What is not included?

  • Other test services are not included

COVID Testing – Walk-in testing service

Given the surge in demand for COVID testing across cities, most healthcare providers are unable to service home collection requests.

To expedite the overall turnaround for testing, CGI has arranged for walk-in tests at our partner labs and diagnostics.

To take advantage of this free testing service, members must register on the link below. This is open to all CGI members and their families (dependents as per our Group MediClaim policy). 

Register for testing: 

Note: All testing centres will be open from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. on weekdays only. It is strongly advised that you call the testing centre before heading for the test.

Testing Centers:

Location Contact Address
Bangalore 9100911350 Apollo Diagnostics: RT Nagar
Municipal no. New 3/1, at Ganesha Block, 4th Cross, Ward no 95, Dinnur main road, RT Nagar, Bangalore
Bangalore 9205797798 Apollo Diagnostics: Whitefield
#58/3, Nallurhalli, Borewell Road, Whitefield, Bangalore
Bangalore 8044442424 Apollo Diagnostics: Banaswadi
3DM - 356, 3rd Main, 4th Cross, OMBR Layout, Banaswadi, Bangalore
Hyderabad 9205478479 Apollo Diagnostics: West Marredpally
Ground Floor, Shop no-2,3-6-1,3-6-2,3-6-3/A, West Marredpally, Secunderabad
Hyderabad 9205797798 Apollo Diagnostics: Nallagandla
1-103/301/II, Mallikarjuna Nilayam, Someshwara Colony, Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Pune 9100911329 Apollo Diagnostics: Bavdhan
Shop no. 17, Navkar Avenue Bavdhan, behind ICICI Bank, Pune
Pune 91002 77852 Apollo Diagnostics: Dhanori
Shop No-G8, Sr.No-17/1a/1, Goodwill Square, Dhanori- Lohegaon Road, Dhanori, Pune
Vijayawada 9205797798 Apollo Diagnostics: Vijayawada
Parmeshwara Complex, Venkateshwara Puram, Vijayawada

 To avail of testing, please bring:

•  Aadhar card for you/family members
•  A printout of the email (or a softcopy on your phone) with the details on testing site, date and time (to show to Police in case of an enquiry)

• Testing is on a first come, first served basis. 
• Cost for COVID testing for CGI members and their families will be covered. 
• Transportation to the venue will be borne by member.  
• Ensure you follow social distancing protocols
• Members should park their car outside the office premises to minimize contact at the venue/ sample collection 
• No enquires allowed with the technicians to optimize sample collection drive 
• No need to fill out Return to Office request.

COVID Quarantine Care – Home Option

How to avail?

•    Send a mail to and furnish CGI Employee ID
•    Member will receive a call from Connect and Heal to confirm patient details and number of kits required
•    Patient will begin receiving calls from Connect and Heal to check vitals and provide medical guidance
•    Patient can stop the service in case of early recovery or continue for 2 weeks

What is included?

•    Dedicated virtual care by a doctor / nurse

Daily monitoring and documentation of patient health such as oxygen saturation, temperature and blood pressure 

One weekly session with psychologist and nutritionists

•    Monitoring kit which includes a Pulse Oximeter, Digital Thermometer, Masks, Gloves and Sanitizer
•    Fees covered by CGI

What is not included?

Additions or subtractions to kit will not be entertained

COVID Quarantine Care – Hotel Option

How to avail?

  • Members cannot avail themselves of this option by default
  • Quarantine care at a hotel is meant to support a member or their family who cannot quarantine at home.  
  • Hotel care is NOT a substitute for hospital care/admission. It is only meant for cases where instead of quarantining at home, it is in a hotel.

1. Eligibility for hotel quarantine is limited to those who fit the (1) admission criteria below and (2) have approval from their VP

  • If you or family members qualify for admission – raise a request for consideration for the hotel option via the form:
  • Send an email with justification to your Vice President to seek approval for hotel quarantine. Upon approval, forward the approval to

2. Only upon receiving the email approval will your case be considered for hotel option.

3. If you do not qualify, you will be notified via email and in that you should pursue Quarantine Care – Home Option.

Admission Criteria 

  • Only for ages 18 – 60 years old. 
  • SPO2 must be over 95%
  • Fever is below 100 F and controllable by Paracetamol. 
  • CT Scan severity score is less than 8/25

Patients who cannot be admitted:

  • Those with pre-existing conditions such as insulin dependent diabetes or bronchial asthma 
  • Those who have had PTCA or CABG in the last year
  • Patients who have had solid organ transplants in the last 2 years

What is included?

  • Cities covered: Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad
  • Predetermined hotels per city
  • Will be assessed by Doctor for this service
  • 3 meals a day
  • Nurse available and teleconsultation from Doctor
  • Oxygen available on standby
  • Fees covered by CGI

What is not included?

  • Choice of your hotel
  • Costs for medicines and tests as suggested by Doctor (to be borne by member)
  • Travel costs to the hotel (to be borne by member)
  • Hospitalization, if symptoms worsens
Assistance : Help with Insurance/Loans/Others

Insurance (Corona Kavach & GMC)

How to avail?

Oriental Insurance Co.
Vidal Health Care.
Toll free number – 1800 103 5914 for any support

Insurance claim under - Corona Kavach policy (CK) & GMC 

Cashless: Carry the Vidal e-card, CGI ID card and a valid Govt. Id proof for raising a pre authorization or cashless facility in the network hospital

Reimbursement: Submit claim forms and supporting documents for reimbursement of medical expenses

What is included?

  • Medical expenses incurred during the hospitalization for minimum of 24hrs. Hospitalization with active line of treatment is covered
  • Home quarantine expenses and few non medical expenses like PPE charges is limited to Corona Kavach policy (CK)
  • Standard coverage subject to policy conditions includes:
  • Room & Board and ICU charges at actuals
  • Lab, diagnostic, pharmacy expenses supporting active line of treatment
  • Pre (30 days) and post (60 days) hospitalization expenses

What is not included?

  • Non medical expenses like administration charges, consumables and services or documentation expenses are not payable
  • Observational charges which doesn’t support active line of treatment
  • Medically advanced treatments which can be performed otherwise normally, are not admissible
  • Physical consultations are not included due to the pandemic situation

 Reimbursement process: GMC Reimbursement Instructions


  • Part B of the form MUST be filled by the hospital at time of discharge.
  • Name of the accountholder should be printed on the cancel cheque. If cancel cheque doesn’t have account holder name printed, you can submit a copy of bank passbook/statement (front page only) 
  • Submit the final claim with all relevant documents within 30 days from the date of discharge (file cannot exceed 10MB)
  • Post submission of claim documents, you will receive a notification/acknowledgement from Vidal Health Care within 3-4 working days 

• Call 1800 103 5914 to reach Vidal for insurance support
• City-based help desk: 

Chennai: 8939998321 
Hyderabad: 7702357200 
Bangalore TPLS:    9148587547 
Bangalore E-City: 9148587548 
Mumbai: 9930916834 

To know more about Insurance, download:


Help with Loan 

How to avail?

  • For medical emergency requiring financial assistance,  members can request for Exigency Loan
  • Request to be sent to Reporting Manager and HRBP
  • Loan approval and tenure will be decided on a case to case basis
  • Standard recovery are between 6 to 10 months.

What is included?

  • Financial Assistance to meet hospital / medical expenses for self and immediate family members

Member Assistance Program

The Member Assistance Program supports and assists members and their immediate family members in assessing and resolving work, health and life issues

How to avail?

Toll-free helpline: 000-800-100-4150 

What is included?

  • Counselling Services
  • Work Life Services
  • Manager and Learning Solutions 
  • The above includes 24/7 professional and confidential counselling, Legal, Finance and family support solutions
  • Seminars, webinars, e-learning, orientation sessions as part of manager and learning solutions 

What is not included?


What is Holistic Covid-Care?

Holistic Covid Care is an end-to-end platform that endeavors to provide reasonable support ranging from vaccination, early detection, tele-consultation, home-quarantine support and care for all India members.

What is the difference between Holistic Covid-Care, The Retail Insurance program (Corona Kavach Policy) and the Group MediClaim Policy (GMC)?

Holistic Covid-Care is an end-to-end member health-assistance program containing services above and does not include hospitalization. Once a hospitalization is required for Covid treatment, it will come under the GMC.

The Corona Kavach policy was a one-time additional retail insurance program that was brought in to support reimbursements that were not covered under the GMC (e.g home care, without hospitalization).

Is the Holistic Covid-Care support available in the location I am currently residing at?

Our endeavor is to partner with third-party provider(s) who can extend support taking into account almost all locations where a majority of our members reside. However, it is possible to have a situation where some of the services are not available in specific locations due to either its remoteness, or provider availability. 

I am at a location where Covid-Care support is not available, but I need help on home-quarantined care. How can I go about it?

If you are in a location that is not supported by Covid-Care, you can opt for a local alternative (e.g home quarantine care) and inform your manager and HRBP.


Is the Holistic COVID Care support extended to my family?

Yes. Support is to CGI members in India and their family members residing with them in the same household. It excludes family members living in a different residence. Should there be any change to this coverage, it will be communicated by email.  

However, in cases of hospitalization, insurance coverage will be as per the member’s declared dependents under the group medical insurance policy, regardless of where the dependent may be residing.


If I get COVID will I be provided leaves?

Effective May 3, 2021, members who have been infected with COVID will be provided up to 14 days of paid leave. This is on top of the Privileged Leave (PL) and Contingency Leave (CL). Refer to guidelines sent via email for further information. 


Additional Information

Monitor symptoms regularly. If you or anyone in your family develop any of these symptoms, call the CGI dedicated hotline 18605004362 and seek appropriate medical care immediately.

If you get any one of the following, seek emergency medical care immediately:

  • Worsening shortness of breath/ trouble breathing and cough

  • If you are using a pulse oximeter, oxygen saturation less than 95%

  • Worsening ability to concentrate/confusion

  • Bluish lips/face/nail beds

  • A new or returning fever or persistent fever more than 101F for 3 days

  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

  • Inability to wake or stay awake 

Disclaimer: Every member is personally responsible for their own health and safety and ensuring that they procure timely medical help. Given the current extraordinary circumstances CGI is facilitating these services in order to assist members as they address their COVID-related health issues. You understand and acknowledge that availing of any services offered by Apollo & Connect and Heal is purely on a voluntary basis. CGI does not promote or endorse any services offered by Apollo & Connect and Heal and assumes no responsibility, liability or warranty for the completeness, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose or the reliability of any service provided by Apollo & Connect and Heal.