Indoor stoves that rely on fuel sources such as wood, animal dung and kerosene are widely used in rural and low-income households in India. Women in these households cooking over these indoor stoves are highly prone to various respiratory issues that are caused by indoor air pollution.

To help improve the health and quality of life of the women in these households, CGI sponsored the Improved Cook Stove project. The initiative provided cookstoves that emit less smoke and are more resource efficient to 4000 households situated in 16 different tribal blocks in the Adilabad district of the Telangana state in India. In addition to these health benefits, the improved cookstoves called ‘chulas’ reduce the time spent collecting firewood and cutting of trees in the region, supporting the preservation of local biodiversity.

Women in the region have mentioned:

Rural woman cooking in a stove

“I am grateful to the company distributing this new improved cookstove. They are changing the lives of rural women." - Tekam Buribai, Lemguda Village

"This new cookstove is great as I don’t have to inhale smoke anymore. It feels safe to use it. Firewood consumption has drastically reduced." - Sable Radhabai, Jalamtanda