Meet Indrikis, our colleague from CGI Latvia Insurance Competence Center. Indrikis joined CGI last year following the successful completion of his internship program.

Indrikis enjoyed his internship days in CGI, working with a team of highly skilled professionals.

I value a friendly and helpful environment in CGI,” he adds.

Indrikis appreciates the friendly and supportive environment at CGI, and he is more than willing to help his colleagues.

Due to the pandemic, Indrikis had to perform the internship remotely. He shares that such a model is cost and time efficient as it saves money and time on the commute to work. However, he understands the advantages of being in the office and prefers a live internship that provides a platform for better learning and communication that is more accessible.

When we asked Indrikis about his learnings during the internship, he says that it has deepened his professional knowledge of the systems and technologies he worked with. He gained knowledge on agile and scrum principles, which has provided a solid foundation for future projects. Indrikis also learned the importance of good communication skills while working as a team. Indrikis is grateful for the opportunity to work on a live project for the client. It was very challenging and exciting for him. However, he is proud to see the result showcased for the client.

We wish him good luck and many years of success with CGI!

About this author

Indrikis Paiders

Indrikis Paiders

Since 2020 works in CGI’s Insurance Competence center in Lithuania as a IBSuite developer and consultant. Indrikis is a valuable team member – supportive, proactive and quick learner.