CGI has planted over 31,000 trees since 2019 and some of them have been equipped to be digitally monitored. In line with CGI’s net-zero commitment, this initiative aims to support biodiversity for a balanced ecosystem.

Earth is losing its forest cover and the capacity to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as a result of increasing human activities. Forests, which act as carbon sinks, are essential for keeping the air clean and tackling climate change. Adopting the Miyawaki method of afforestation, we planted native species of trees, shrubs, and herbs to create a dense forest.

Local not-for-profit partners, SayTrees and the United Way of Hyderabad, have helped us in planting 26,100 and 5,000 saplings, respectively. These saplings were planted in wastelands or barren lands in urban and sub-urban parts of Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Our partners help monitor the saplings to ensure their survival.

In addition to onsite plantation drives, we helped clients increase green cover through virtual plantations. The saplings have been planted and tagged with a QR code, enabling clients to monitor plants' health and growth remotely.

Appreciating the effort, one of our clients said, "I was happy to participate in the virtual tree plantation event hosted by CGI and to monitor the sapling I planted using the QR code. I firmly believe in leveraging technology to make our planet greener and more liveable. It is truly a gratifying experience."

We continue to collaborate with clients, partners, and governments to drive sustainability and actively work towards reducing the carbon footprint. This initiative further advances us in our commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030 while supporting the communities where we live and work.

CGI members planting trees
Watering planted trees