We’re committed to making positive contributions to society by leveraging our expertise and helping improve the lives of those in need in the communities where we live and work.



As a key partner at The/Nudge Centre for Social Innovation, we worked together to help enable top talent in the social sector to come up with solutions for India’s toughest challenges. We supported nine nonprofit organizations that focus on various sectors such as agriculture, education and special education, healthcare, livelihood, and vulnerable children, with funding and mentoring, collectively impacting over 100,000 lives such as:


  • Gramhal Rural Development Foundation: Within a year, we helped digitize technology for 5,000 farmers (from 400 at the pre-incubation stage). As a result, their fund growth multiplier* is expected to be at 280%
  • Raised Lines Foundation: 11,500 students were provided tactile books and learning aids (from 4,000 during the pre-incubation stage)
  • Barefoot Edu: Reached over 70 rural child care centres (anganwadis) with over 1,400 teachers and over 10,000 students
  • We are India’s Children: Helped facilitate a smooth transition of vulnerable children into the legal adoption pool in partnership with the Maharashtra and Telangana governments.

* The multiplier effect measures the impact a change in investment will have on final economic output.