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Improving your end-to-end banking processes

A partner to more than 100 credit unions, banks and trusts, CGI supports approximately 1.5 million end customers and manages more than 500 million bank transactions per year. Our core offerings, including integrated banking, customer relationship management, loan origination, and delinquency management solutions, enable clients to quickly and easily manage their deposits, lending, general ledger and registered products. We also serve as a custom gateway support provider to external channels, including Internet and telephone banking, settlement services, and card issuer and ATM/POS acquirer services, among others.

CGI offers two core retail banking offerings—HORIZON™ Financial Suite and RFS™ Retail Banking—that deliver multi-channel, integrated functionality to streamline and automate clients' end-to-end banking processes. HORIZON and RFS Retail Banking, backed by the expertise of our banking professionals, enable clients to streamline their operations, increase their efficiency, improve customer service and drive top-line growth.

HORIZON Financial Suite

HORIZON Financial Suite offers a set of fully managed, web-based solutions that cover all front- and back-office activities, including retail banking, customer relationship management, lending, collections, and reporting. The suite's HORIZON Retail Banking solution manages end-to-end banking processes— from product design and management to account creation and maintenance to statement processing, general ledger management, reporting and more. It enables banks to focus on strategy instead of daily/weekly/monthly/annual administrative tasks.

Other components of HORIZON Financial Suite—including HORIZON Know Your Customer, HORIZON Loan Origination and HORIZON Delinquency Management—manage all aspects of customer relationship management, lending, collections, and reporting, providing extensive capabilities in each critical area to help financial institutions gain a competitive edge.

Each HORIZON solution can be added as needed and integrates easily with other HORIZON solutions and third-party solutions as well. In addition, new releases of each solution are pushed seamlessly to clients, enabling them to immediately realize the benefits of new functionality.

With HORIZON Financial Suite, banks can develop, launch and maintain their own products, better understand and respond to their customers, improve their lending and collections practices and ensure accurate reporting through a single offering managed by a team of banking experts with decades of experience in helping financial institutions win and grow.

RFS Retail Banking

RFS Retail Banking is comprised of two key solutions—RFS Designer and RFS Production—that offer rich functionality in designing and building your financial institution and managing cash dispensing, teller, online and call center banking activities.

With RFS Designer, you can accomplish the following:

  • Define your financial institution and branches
  • Define your product and services (classification, specific products, benefits, base rates)
  • Set defaults (define fields and default values)
  • Select and activate features and functions
  • Define general conditions and business rules

RFS Production supports end-to-end banking functions across multiple channels, including the following:

  • Account creation and maintenance (for demand, registered, term, loan and mortgage accounts)
  • Transactional banking, including automated transfers
  • End-of-day balancing and automated postings

RFS Retail Banking can be easily integrated with CGI HORIZON's customer relationship management, loan origination and collections solutions to help you more effectively serve your customers and manage lending and collections processes. Integration with third-party solutions and services is also possible, enabling you to build a robust, custom solution to meet your unique business needs.

In addition, new RFS Retail Banking releases are easily updated to your banking system, enabling you to immediately begin using new functionality.

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