A steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility

CGI is a company that cares. As stated in our commitments—and as demonstrated through our actions—we take seriously our obligation to best serve our stakeholders and to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the communities in which we live and work. Corporate social responsibility is part of the essence of who we are—it is built into the CGI dream on which we were founded, and sustained through our values and local operating model. We have a culture of giving and strategically manage our resources to best benefit our professionals, clients, shareholders, communities and the environment.

CGI’s CSR commitments

  • To provide our professionals with health, wellness and ownership programs that positively influence their well-being and satisfaction
  • To partner with our clients to deliver energy and environmental sustainability solutions and to collectively support charitable causes
  • To support our communities through causes that improve their social, economic and environmental well-being
  • To improve the environment through environmentally-friendly operating practices, community service activities and green IT offerings
  • To operate ethically through a strong code of ethics and good corporate governance
  • To recognize the importance of responsible supply chain management
CGI's CSR commitmentsCGI's CSR commitments