On October 30, 2020, CGI delivered the final stage of Finland’s Datahub, enabling system availability to testing and certification for the retail market and Datahub clients. Fingrid Datahub Oy, a subsidiary of Fingrid Oy, Finland’s electricity transmission operator can now begin using the testing and certification service with realistic use cases. The use cases have been grouped into four categories, the first of which is the most relevant in the Market Parties and Datahub business. In the testing phase, the quality of the data will be verified and the market parties will test various functions in a phased approach. (Learn more about the test operation.)

Facilitating the Finnish energy transition

In July 2018, CGI was selected to design, develop and support Datahub, a next generation electricity information exchange system for Fingrid Datahub Oy. Built on CGI's proprietary Central Market Solutions (CMS) IP, Datahub addresses the key requirements of evolving energy legislation, energy sector demands as well as Fingrid's own business needs for synchronized electricity retail market processes, data processing, protection and security, and support and maintenance.

CGI experts in Finland, the Netherlands and India are collaborating on the development, delivery and maintenance of Datahub. We also partnered with First Derivatives plc, a software and services firm, to integrate its real-time KX streaming analytics technology into Datahub’s innovative meter data management and settlement functions.

Fingrid Datahub – a centralized information exchange solution

There are a total of 3.7 million electricity accounting points in Finland. Every electricity accounting point used by distribution system operators and electricity retailers contains a significant amount of data, including the contact details and consumption data for the accounting point owner or occupier. At the moment, data from the accounting points is fragmented across various systems, hindering the rapid exchange of this data.

Datahub is a shared system that has been developed to clarify and speed up this data exchange. As all data and transactions associated with the consumption of electricity are located in one single system, up-to-date and equally accessible for all eligible parties, Datahub will significantly improve operations of all parties and support various services to enhance customer experience.

Datahub is due to be ready in 2022 supporting Finland's transition to a fossil-free society.

Learn more about CGI Central Market Solutions about Fingrid Datahub.