Fred Miskawi leads the AI Innovation Expert Services in CGI’s AI Enablement Center of Expertise. He is responsible for connecting CGI’s coalition of applied AI experts in CGI Innovation Centers and emerging technology practices. 

With expertise spanning AI, human-centered design and agile delivery, Fred has been advising clients for more than 20 years on how to build and innovate robust and responsible ecosystems that deliver ROI-led transformation— stressing the importance of human judgment and oversight in transformations.

Fred previously supported CGI's U.S. operations as a member of CGI’s Global AI Cabinet, contributing perspectives on governance, ethics, and workforce strategies to steer emerging technologies toward trustworthy outcomes. He advocates balancing AI's possibilities with pragmatic solutions tailored to clients' needs and cultures.

Fred sees AI models as an opportunity to augment human capabilities, not replace them. His specialty areas include guiding clients on the safe adoption of generative models, computer vision applications, cloud-based AI platforms, and proving value before scaling. He thrives when collaborating with cross-functional teams to evolve AI maturity in a thoughtful, staged manner.