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Analyze unstructured text and documents

CGI Smart Case combines deep learning and advanced semantic analysis to understand, analyze and use any type of written or transcribed text to process it or propose the most appropriate actions automatically. Its Computer Vision (CV) module enables the decryption of images and extraction of data. The process is automatic, instantaneous and precise at each stage, including:

  • Reading and understanding all types of non-standard documents (images, handwritten/free text, heterogeneous tables)
  • Thematic classification and routing
  • Recognition of emotions, complex feelings and implicit requests to prioritize actions
  • Extraction of information, even unstructured
  • Automated document processing
  • Decision support, including response scoring, explanations and choice history

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A smart assistant for customer service

With the multiplication of customer contact points and data sources and a rise in customer expectations, competitive pressures and regulatory requirements, how can you satisfy and retain customers?

CGI Smart Case offers an AI-powered assistant that provides fast and relevant answers to all customer queries.

  • Considers all incoming requests, including unstructured data, images, written and voice content
  • Analyzes requests and interactions, deciphering implicit emotions and feelings
  • Prioritizes, establishes a level of criticality and directs requests to the appropriate department
  • Proposes the most suitable action, with a confidence score and explanations for each recommendation.
  • Enhances the customer relationship and employee experience.
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Intelligence across all your operations

With constantly growing volumes of heterogenous documents often critical for decision-making, how can you process your incoming data flows efficiently to optimize operations?

A cognitive learning platform, CGI Smart Case supports documents of all types, including multi-format, unstructured and handwritten documents. All documents are understood and processed automatically, quickly and accurately, from analysis to actionable recommendations.

  • Reduces operational delays
  • Improves service quality
  • Enriches the customer experience
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Ensuring compliance automatically 

How can you manage regulatory constraints without impacting operations, adding more employees or increasing processing steps?

CGI Smart Case automatically reads, understands and processes critical documents, regardless of their number and complexity. This includes images, handwritten content, contracts and identification documents. The solution verifies the presence and accuracy of information, extracts data and analyzes it, identifying customers or fraudulent operations where applicable.

  • Improves contract processing
  • Increases compliance
  • Ensures better legal protection for your organization
  • Frees employees from time-consuming tasks

Automated natural language processing (NLP)

CGI Smart Case’s NLP module analyzes written or transcribed text (in English or French) to automate the review and processing of large documents and customer/user interactions. Deep learning combined with advanced linguistic analysis, confidence scores and explanations for each actionable recommendation ensures high performance and supports decision-making.

Benefits: Reduced processing times, optimized customer experiences, enhanced employee experiences and increased operational efficiency over time.

Intelligent document analysis

This module provides advanced analysis of complex documents that integrate images, tables or handwritten information. It surpasses traditional image processing by its ability to classify, interpret and extract information—including within complex documents—in heterogeneous formats. Pre-existing models, as well as custom-built models, meet your unique requirements and establish a high level of performance in a few weeks.

Benefits: Simplified customer onboarding, streamlined operations, guaranteed compliance and a reduction in human intervention.

Tailor-made, learning, seamless solution

Each data flow and actionable recommendation feeds and perfects pre-trained models that are then adapted to your business. An agile learning solution, CGI Smart Case adapts to your ecosystem and can be deployed on-premise or in a private cloud, based on your needs.

Our solution includes a Toolbox with specific functional components that complement and accelerate your AI solutions. It also consists of Smart Pack, a turnkey solution that offers all the features and associated benefits for an integrated deployment in a few weeks.

Responsible AI, secure data, expert support

CGI Smart Case is a “Responsible by Design” AI solution that allows you to retain control of your data. You also benefit from end-to-end support, including identification of use cases, data labeling, deployment and operational monitoring.

Benefits: A useful, inclusive, transparent and equitable solution for all your stakeholders.

Efficient and inclusive data labeling

CGI Smart Case includes a turnkey data labeling offering that uses advanced technologies and a human-centered approach to automatically label data via Active Learning.

Benefits: Better labeling performance and a truly inclusive approach that benefits your customers and users while helping you improve your corporate social responsibility (CSR) metrics.