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Annette Trenz
Annette Trenz

3 approaches for proactive responses to supply chain impacts in manufacturing

2020-04-17 In this blog, we explore some of the pressing impacts and share a few approaches that could help manufacturers accelerate their efforts to respond, then rebound when ready and reinvent for the longer term.

Hans Moonen

Advancing digitization and reducing costs to support a rebound in transportation

2020-04-17 The transport and logistics industry relies heavily on the business continuity of global supply chains and the freedom to transport people, goods and services locally and globally. With production decreasing dramatically in key manufacturing hubs, consumer demand falling, borders closing...

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

Embracing new ways of working in financial services

2020-04-17 Although the approaches to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic vary by country, as governments and businesses come to grips with it, one thing is imperative: we will get through this.
 The question is how, when disruptions in day-to-day life and...