STEM@CGI: Helping people improve their technical and business literacy

STEM@CGI is a global program to help build a diverse and robust IT talent pool for the future. In partnership with our clients, local schools, government bodies, non-profit and community organizations, CGI members conduct STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) camps and workshops to engage, motivate and inspire people to explore careers in STEM. We also establish STEM labs to create environments that nurture hands-on learning and experimentation. Numerous programs are specifically aimed at students who are underrepresented in technology fields, including females, ethnic minorities and the economically disadvantaged.


STEM camps are the flagship program of STEM@CGI. These camps strive to provide experiences that inspire students to explore STEM-related subjects and careers in a fun, interactive and hands-on way. The camps are conducted by CGI members across our operations, including in the U.S., Canada, UK, France and India, serving thousands of students and engaging hundreds of CGI volunteers. CGI STEM camp courses include topics in computer coding, computer building, physical computing, Internet of Things, music creation, design thinking, adaptive learning, data analytics, robotics, business consulting, interviewing and smart cities, among others.