Since 2001, Energie Data Services Nederland (EDSN) and CGI have worked together on innovative solutions to support liberalization of the Dutch energy market. The most recent step in this partnership has been the introduction of our C-ARM (Central Allocation, Reconciliation and Meter data) solution. C-ARM processes market meter data for all seven Dutch regional network operators, offering the required flexibility to continue the development of transaction processes.

Close cooperation in a complex environment

The C-ARM solution has been designed, developed and tested in close cooperation with EDSN and the Dutch network operators. The platform covers a very complex environment with many stakeholders, interests and preferences. However, they all share one common goal: to use a single solution to handle market processes in a uniform manner. Multiple agile teams with experts from EDSN, network operators, software and services provider Hansen and CGI worked together to design, develop and test new functionality. This is a unique approach in the energy sector and a blueprint for a collaborative new way of working in the future.

“The seven regional network operators, EDSN and CGI had never before worked together so intensively. We succeeded by being alert, involved, constructive and straightforward. With the C-ARM program, we have written history by shaping the future together.”















- Vijai Hoeblal
Managing Director EDSN

Key features of C-ARM

  • One solution for all DSOs, to manage allocation, reconciliation and meter data processes in a uniform way
  • Meter data processing for more than 15 million metering points, with a peak of over 4 million meter data messages per day
  • Daily volume allocation using 15-minute resolution (electricity) and hourly resolution (gas) for all connections
  • Monthly settlement of allocation differences
  • Proven Hansen GENERIS solution

Co-innovating to shape the energy future

The centralization of C-ARM is an important milestone for the Dutch energy market and another step toward sustainability. However, there’s more to be done. With the increase in renewables, historical, estimated electricity usage patterns will increasingly deviate from actual usage. This calls for a major shift in allocation processes for electricity in the near future. With over five million households with smart meters, the interval of these meters plays a central role in enabling better allocation and creating new business models.

At CGI, we look forward to continuing our close collaboration with EDSN, the network operators and Hansen to shape the energy system of the future.