Karolis Baltrušaitis

Karolis Baltrušaitis

Vice-President Consulting Services for Lithuania and Latvia

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Governments and organizations around the world are facing the challenges posed by Covid-19. Ways are still being sought to return to “normal” life, but we already have hope that vaccination can prevent the virus from spreading and ease complications in the event of illness.

I am glad that from now on we are also contributing to an important project in Lithuania, which will help us to overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19 faster and return to “normal” life.

CGI successfully cooperates with healthcare institutions in Finland. We have experience of long-term and successful cooperation with healthcare institutions in Finland - our new Rocobotti solution for automation of robotic processes and workflows, which can speed up the vaccination process by up to 50%. Also in Canada, our developed Virtual agent helps deliver COVID-19 testing service to DynaLIFE, a major Canadian medical laboratory offering diagnostic testing services to Albertans. The entire process is streamlined from end to end, saving precious time for DynaLIFE employees. In Lithuania, we are also actively contributing to the implementation of the goals of the health sector - from March 26 we have signed an agreement on the creation of an EU digital COVID certificate. Although the project deadlines were short enough, our team completed all the preparatory work and applied our long-term experience in the development of health sector information systems in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Finland and Lithuania.

I am pleased that this implemented solution is our significant contribution to a better and safer tomorrow, helping us to overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19 more quickly and return to a normal life. This project is also important not only for Lithuania, but also for the whole European Union.

On June 7 the EU digital COVID certificate is launched in Lithuania. This certificate will make traveling safer and easier for people with immunity (vaccinated, COVID-19 vaccinated or COVID-19 negative) and simplify border inspection procedures. However, each country will be able to set its requirements for incoming people.

According to current requirements in Lithuania, no additional restrictions apply to arrivals or returnees vaccinated against coronavirus one week after the second dose of Pfizer, two weeks after the second dose of Moderna, 15 days after the second dose of Vaxervrios, and two weeks after Johnson & Johnson doses.

The digital certificate with the QR code can be downloaded free of charge from the portal esveikata.lt, it will be issued in Lithuanian and English. Both the digital version (for example, stored on a smartphone) and the paper version of the certificate will be available.

All Community and Schengen countries should join the system by early July.

It is planned that mobile apps for convenient download and verification - Wallet and Verifier - will be available in Lithuania soon. The Wallet app will make it easy to download and have the EU Digital COVID certificate on your electronic device. The Verifier app will be able to scan the QR code of a document and will be used by verifiers to verify the originality of the QR code. CGI Lithuania also plans to supplement and expand the functionality of the solution to make it easier and more convenient to use.

2021 June 7 together with the Ministry of Health of Lithuania and the Center of Registers, we presented this solution during the media conference.

For more than 40 years, CGI has been successfully developing solutions that have been successfully used in other countries due to the applied methodology and modular architecture. So I believe that the solution we have developed will be able to be applied in other markets in the future!

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Karolis Baltrušaitis

Karolis Baltrušaitis

Vice-President Consulting Services for Lithuania and Latvia

He is responsible for the continued growth of CGI in Lithuania and Latvia, where CGI employs more than 280 members.