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CGI has always been aware that employees are the most valuable asset. We encourage our members to put ambitious goals, and help them to develop their talent and skills. We consider important that everyone understands corporate strategy and have a clear idea of how this strategy will contribute to our members' person and professional career growth.

Careers in CGI

At CGI, our people come first. We make integration into our company as effortless as possible, in order to make your start and whole cooperation smooth and easy. For this purpose, we offer a variety of benefits.

CGI cares about your development. Access to a variety of learning programs allows you to develop your potential. We pay attention to creating a pleasant working environment and are committed to improve your quality of life through health and leisure programs.

CGI offers many interesting work opportunities. We have almost 600 employees in our region and are still growing. Our colleagues are respected, receive professional development opportunities and challenging work in different business domains. We play a part in industries such energetics, transport, banking, telecommunications and the public sector. We deliver projects and solutions to our customers on the local market in Central and Eastern Europe, and in other countries across the world.

If you want to experience the spirit and desire to take part in the further growth of CGI in this region we invite you to join us.

Hiring process in CGI

CGI's hiring process is designed to allow us to get to know you and to find the best fit for you within our organization. From the moment when you join CGI, our process aims to ensure that you feel welcomed and experience a smooth and effective integration.

Click on the steps below to learn more about CGI's hiring process.

Create your CV
  • Let us know more about you by creating your CV.
  • Include your resume and provide details on your experience, competencies and skills.
  • Keep your resume up to date to ensure a quality match of your skills with new CGI opportunities.
Apply for a position

Browse current openings and Apply for positions of your interest - send us your updated resume in Czech and English language. In the event that your profile meets the qualification requirements for any of the currently open positions, we will contact you immediately to confirm your interest and verify information about your qualifications.

Meet with us in CGI

If you are shortlisted for the selection procedure in our company, we will invite you for a personal interview. On this occasion, you will have the opportunity to learn more about us and we, in turn, will evaluate your qualifications for the job opportunities currently available.

  • The first round interview is usually conducted by telephone.
  • Second interview is conducted in person at a CGI office. This more in-depth interview is focused on your expertise and experience. You will meet and discuss your skills with one of the CGI expert consultants as a guarantee of the technical part of the interview. In some cases consultation with the client and line manager is held as well. Throughout the selection process you will be in contact with the Human Resources representative.
Accept our offer

If you are selected for the position, you'll be contacted, receive an offer and be presented with CGI's terms and conditions of employment, including the timing in which to respond. Before signing an employment contract, you will be asked to provide references from previous employers and verify additional information depending on the position.

Become part of CGI

Our orientation and integration process will help you quickly familiarize yourself with CGI's culture and operations, your team, your new role and responsibilities.

A set of integration activities will begin immediately with an orientation session after you join CGI. You will learn more about the organizational structure of the company and business processes. You will also get acquainted with CGI company benefits and its structure of learning and development. In the period of adaptation we will help you fully integrate into CGI.

Compensation and benefits in CGI

CGI pays particular attention to the compensation, benefits and working conditions we offer. All of these are reviewed regularly based on our professionals’ interests and needs and competitive market conditions.

CGI offers to its members a comprehensive program of optional employee benefits managed through web-based application which is supported 24 hours a day. Our members have the opportunity, within a given budget, to use a variety of services and products in the fields of sport, culture, travel, health or education. CGI also supports flexible working hours and occasional homeoffice.

Global ownership programs:

  • Share purchase plan - From our founding, CGI has operated based on the strong belief that our success comes from the strength and commitment of our shareholder members. CGI will match your contribution dollar for dollar, up to the determined maximum. In addition, an additional amount corresponding to a set percentage of your salary can be invested in CGI shares.
  • Profit participation plan - You'll participate in the rewards that come from CGI's growth; this plan distributes a portion of our profits based on the achievement of CGI’s financial objectives and taking into consideration individual performance.